Mediamente Consulting

We enhance
company data.

Our specializations

Data management and analysis for strategic business decisions

Mediamente Consulting is a consulting company specialized in the topics and technologies of advanced Business Analytics.

We provide companies with a technological infrastructure that manages and analyzes complex data, giving useful information for strategic business decisions.

We have developed specialization areas in Technology Infrastructure, Data Integration and Management, Corporate Performance Management, Advanced Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

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Technological infrastructure

Management, updating and tuning of complex and engineered systems

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The need to manage complex IT systems with high competence and continuous availability is an increasingly pressing problem for companies.

Working out this requirement in a professional and efficient way is the goal of our group.

Within the Oracle technologies we have chosen to operate with the highest expertise level, the value we offer is our employees skill and our team organisation.

The services provided range from consulting activities on various Oracle technologies including engineered systems, to performance analysis and assessment of the architecture, to the management and updating of the technological infrastructure both “on premise” and in cloud.

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Data Integration and Management

Data governance: more sources, one solution

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To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of analytical systems, it is essential to integrate all internal and external company data.

Our services allow us to enhance data available in the company, starting a “data driven company” transformation process.

For this purpose we provide our customers with our skills:

  • Data quality management in terms of completeness, reliability, timing, etc.
  • data enrichment techniques: for example geolocalization
  • treatment of unstructured contents: web feeds, textual data
  • near real time and data streaming
  • enable our customers to adopt advanced analytics (artificial intelligence, location intelligence)
  • use of the main market technologies

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